Welcome home, through the woods, onto rock

Saara Norrgrann and Frédéric Tranchand won the Kvarken Orienteering Festival and the Rings of the King in 2016. Frédéric, first Frenchman to win the festival, also received a compass rose produced by Elof Holmlund in the organising club Malax IF. (Photo: Håkan Jäntti)

Thank you all – for the Kvarken Orienteering Festival 21–23 July 2016

Enjoy the feeling and photos of



and Björknäs

Welcome back, in a good mood, 20–22/7/2017!

Once a year
a three day adventure
rises from the sea.

Near the World Heritage
the controls are waiting
for the whole family.

Everyone is rewarded
with prizes from the nature.

Music lives.

Welcome to Korsholm, Vörå, Malax and Vaasa.